Composite Paddles

Why Use Composite Pickleball Paddles?

Because wooden paddles are so much cheaper than composite paddles, you might think that it’s impractical to use the fancier version. But you have to remember that composite pickleball paddles are sturdier than wooden paddles so they last longer. Also, composite pickleball paddles will definitely make the game more exciting since you can move faster, hit harder and play better when you use it.

Composite Pickleball Paddles for a Fun Day Out

If you ever find you and your family in the middle of a camping trip or on a slow weekend with nothing to do, then you might give anything for something that will actually make your day more interesting. Well if that’s what you want, then pickleball might be exactly what you are looking for.

Pickleball is an incredibly exciting game that is a lot like tennis. But unlike tennis, pickleball does not require a lot of skill to play, so everyone in your family can have fun even if they are not very athletic.

You have to use a paddle and a ball while playing inside a court with a net in the center. But while the rest of the equipments are important, what can really make your pickleball experience more fun is to have the right paddle.

What is a Pickleball Paddle?

A pickleball paddle is the primary equipment in a game of pickleball which you hit the ball with like a racket in tennis. Also, in terms of basic shape and form, a pickleball paddle should have a handle that can fit in one hand without any trouble and a surface that is smooth and flat.

It is important that a pickleball paddle should have no flaw on the surface since that could lead the ball to bounce towards the wrong direction and hit an innocent bystander. A good pickleball paddle should also be durable to prevent any unfortunate accidents that might happen if it breaks or snaps.

While the traditional pickleball paddle is made of wood, modern pickleball paddles have advanced to be made of some great materials. One of the better forms of pickleball paddles is composite pickleball paddles and it is incredibly lightweight and durable.

Since it is lighter than wood, it is easier to swing and the material allows for better returns since the ball bounces better. But you should be aware though that composite pickleball paddles will cost quite a bit more than wooden paddles.