Pickleball Paddles

Learning about Pickleball Paddles

Are you interested in fun recreational entertainments and sports that will make those boring weekends into the best days ever? Then look no further than the super fun and super exciting game of pickleball! If haven’t heard of it, pickleball is an activity that is similar to tennis or badminton in that it uses a ball and a racket.

The ball is made of plastic so it bounces quite nicely on concrete and the paddles are traditionally made of wood with short handles. The game is loads of fun but if you want a better experience from it then you have to know your equipment.

Pickleball Paddles

As already mentioned, pickleball paddles were traditionally made of wood with a shortened handle and a smooth, flat surface to hit the ball with. It was originally invented using broken badminton rackets and a plastic ball that had a lot of holes because the founder’s family members were completely bored and had nothing to do.

What to Look for Your Pickleball Paddles

Now your choice of Pickleball paddles is important because otherwise, you can just pick up any old paddle and start swinging. First of all, the surface of the paddle has to be completely smooth and flat or the ball would be harder to hit and you are going to end up with a lot of misses.

The material also has to be solid to give that trampoline effect so that you can make some really great returns instead of always losing since your ball never reaches the net. Finally, the balance has to be perfect so that your swings will be easier and will cost less effort.

  • Wood – Wood is the traditional material to be used for Pickleball paddles, both on the handle and the surface of the paddle. For a beginner, wood is perfect because it’s light and can be handled without too much trouble. But if you want to hit harder and move better, you have to go with something else.

  • Aluminum – Pickleball paddles with aluminum cores are great for those who want to upgrade from wood. It has great control and very light so swings will not be very difficult. So you don’t have to worry even if you have stick-thin arms.

  • Graphite – Graphite is one of the more popular materials for a really good Pickleball paddle. It’s lightweight, extremely strong and can return great impact so that the ball bounces better, making graphite Pickleball paddles perfect for intermediate to advanced players.