Pickleball Rules

What Are The Rules of Pickleball?

If you are into fun sports and exciting recreational activities, then chances are you have already heard of Pickleball. This amazing game that will be sure to put some fun into your boring weekend and was invented for just that purpose. So what is Pickleball and how do you play it? 

  • Lines

The baseline which you stand behind when you serve is at the back of the court and if the ball lands outside it, then it will be called an out. If the center of the ball hits the center of the line, it is safe, easy as pie.

  • Non-volley zone

Seven feet from the net, there is a line that tells you where the non-volley zone is. Inside the non-volley zone, you can’t hit the ball unless it bounces first if you are between the line and the net. Oh, and you also can’t serve the ball into non-volley zone, hence the name.

  • Winning

The rules for deciding who wins in Pickleball are so easy to understand that it is impossible to get confused. Basically, if the serving team scores, they win a point and both team switch courts. The first to score eleven points win the game. As you can see, it is very easy.

  • Serving

When serving, the player on the right always serves first by hitting the ball below the waist with an underhanded motion while aiming at the player on the opposite court’s right. If you are confused, this basically means that you should aim at the person on the left of where you are facing. Both players on the team have to serve before switching but there will only be one player to serve at the start to keep things fair.

  • Scores

When it comes to keeping score, the server of the serving team shouts the score of their team first and then the score of the opposite team and then whether he is the first or second server before letting the ball fly.

  • Return

Like in tennis, the receivers must allow the ball to bounce first before returning the ball with gusto. When the servers in turn receive the ball, they have to let it bounce again.

  • Singles

When in singles, the player will serve from the right side of their court if the score is even and on the left when it is odd. Otherwise, the same rules apply.